National Seminar on Sankaradev's Ideology in Social Integration of Assam. Date: 03-04-2021


  1. To Transform lives and serve the society by promoting participation of rural students in Higher Education.

  2. To create environments for holistic development and growth of our student and teachers.

  3. To promote academic excellence..

  4. To develop intellectual, expressive and social skill.

  5. To strive for excellence in Teaching, Learning and Research.

  6. Enhance the commitment of faculty, staff and student to the centrality of diversity, social justice and democratic citizenship


Rangapara College stands firm to reach excellence by generating fruitful social, economic, cultural and human resources through promotion of quality education and thus to mould the society for a better world.

Aims & Ojectives

  1. To provide quality higher education and make it socially relevant and to explore potential of economically and socially backward communities that include BODOs, ST, SC, Adivasi, the Tea Tribes, OBC and others.

  2. To explore the local potential of social environment and integrate it to the various courses of study which are done through University Curriculum.

  3. To adopt modern and innovative means of education to make it relevant to social, national and global needs.

  4. To promote among the students the sense of national feeling towards an integrated society which seems to be threatened by domestic and y. international conspiracy especially in this isolated North Eastern region.

  5. To promote social harmony and economic awareness through field work especially among Tea Tribes and Bodo Tribes whose upliftment is necessary for removing regional imbalance which is the result of unplanned economy and human resources.

  6. To promote health awareness and environmental awareness among the members of the society and student community by engaging professionals as a measure towards a better and healthy society.

  7. The college will not remain confined only in fulfilling the above mentioned aims and objectives, it will strive to cater all aspects of higher education through which a society can be uplifted.